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  • کارگردان :Lin Oeding نویسنده :Michael Nilon , Thomas Pa'a Sibbett , Braven NL , Hassell Free Production , Ingenious Media
  • امتیاز IMDB :6.4 رده سنی :R
  • ستارگان :Jason Momoa , Garret Dillahunt , Stephen Lang
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یک چوب‌بُر کشته‌کار از خانواده خود در برابر قاچاقچیان مواد مخدر محافظت خواهد کرد …
Joe Braven is a logging company owner who lives with his family in Canada. Joe's father, Linden, suffering from dementia, mistakes a woman in a bar for his wife, prompting a barroom brawl that lands Linden in the hospital. The family decides to take a break at their secluded log cabin, where they run into trouble from a drug dealer who wants to use Joe's business as a front for his cocaine operation. Written by AnonymousB